Price: $3.99 Size: 148MB Category: Games Seller: Steve Jarman

Support Device: @iPhone @iPod touch

This is great game for RPG lover…. you can enjoy 3D environment RPG games in Descend RPG.

Editor’s Video Review

Something evil is stirring at the Temple Of Amlyn. An ancient ceremony has gone awry, the temple’s priests are missing, and the King is demanding answers. It’s up to you to rescue the priests and bring their mysterious abductors to justice. The fate of your people may well rest entirely on your shoulders!

* Explore gorgeous 3D environments as you descend deep into an unknown world.
* Battle the servants of evil as they fight to prevent you from reaching your goal.
* Find treasures and hidden secrets throughout the dungeon’s many levels.
* Control a party of two characters who must search for clues, and attempt to unravel the mystery.
* Classic first-person, grid-based movement, and turn-based combat recall the great RPGs of old.

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