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You’re on a mission. There are survivors trapped in the thick of zombie country and it’s up to you to save them. This is no time for fear, you must gather up your courage, a good weapon and your sharpest skills. Ready? Okay, here we go.

It’s dark and creepy down that alley but if you’re to accomplish your mission, you’re going to have to suck it up and go down there. Ignore the chilling noises, the damp walls and rats. Keep going, mighty zombie hunter. Don’t forget, you have humans to save.

That’s it, one foot in front of the other. Keep your senses on high alert; you want to be ready to spring into action. Thank goodness you upgraded your gun! Wait, what’s that? Is someone there, behind that door? Gulp…there’s only one way to find out. Reach out carefully and open it but be ready for whatever or whoever comes out. The action is fast in Zombie Panic and you don’t want to accidentally kill a survivor.

Still, a spider zombie could come flying out at you, or the terrifying clown zombie that you’ve heard so much about. Come on now, get hold of yourself. Steady your nerves and hands, this situation calls for fast reflexes and good judgment. Whatever you do, make sure that you cause no harm to another human. Okay, one, two, three….

You just never know what you’ll find in the world of Zombie Panic. Enter any of the levels to test your skills as a zombie hunter and hero of humans. You need to destroy those living dead, while freeing the people who remain in their capture. Just tap one of those nasty creatures to wipe them out.

Everything moves fast in Zombie Panic, so timing is crucial. If you get too trigger happy, you’ll wind up killing the very survivors you’re there to rescue. Yup, this game is going challenge you to the core, especially if you’re crazy enough to try the Insane level.

It’s okay if you start at the normal, basic level, who could blame you. It’s a great way to get your feet wet, so to speak. Before long, you’ll be moving up the levels, gaining confidence and skill. Then and only then, would we recommend that you try the Insane. It’s just, well, insane.

By the time you’re ready for that type of action, you’ll likely be familiar with the selection of more than 30 weapons and 5 skill upgrades, so you can pick the ones that you like using best that you think will work. Each weapon handles differently, so get to know your weapon, become one with it, so you can move swiftly and with deliberate control.

Speaking of control, the app’s touchscreen let’s you really direct your hits accurately. You’ll feel the raw power in your hands as you tackle the likes of the Quad Zombie or Tentacles Peepers. Yes, the 24 uniquely designed zombies are certainly creepy but you have the tools to wipe them out.

Check out some of the features you get in Zombie Panic:
* Cool, high quality graphics and game concept
* Various levels of gameplay, from normal to insane
* Change level of difficulty any time you want
* More than 30 different weapons to choose from, each with unique handling and results
* 5 different skill upgrades available
* 24 hideously unique zombies to battle
* Game Center support
* Tons of fun and challenge!

Download Zombie Panic right now; there isn’t a moment to lose. Besides, you just might earn some recognition in the app’s Game Center. Go ahead, try the Unlimited Challenge Ranking. Mwwhaaaa!

Good luck, zombie hunter! You’ll need it.


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